Weather Report is an artistic quest through the field of possibility where roads meet and divide again in friendship to create a wonderful and true story of life.

Weather Report started in 1991, when the world was only just in the grasp of globalization. More and more borders opened, making travel to unknown places easier. With the spread of technological innovations like the Internet the process has accelerated. Consequently a growing number of people can now enlarge their view of the world. That view is not always comforting. Contradictions seem more violent than before, and in need of something that brings insight and indicates nuances.

On her travels, initiating artist Rienke seeks dialogue with colleague artists. From those encounters works of art come into being in which different points of view by artists from divergent areas fuse into a rich and layered image of reality.  By now more than 150 artists from 30some countries have cooperated in Weather Report. Close to hundred and fifty 'fused' works have already been exhibited in leading exhibition venues in all the countries involved.

Weather Report is the longest running project of Hope Box, the collective noun of all art projects created by Rienke.

All Hope Box projects are organised by Weather Report foundation, small and effective like its projects - everyone works for free and the work gets done! 


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